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So this is my first real year as an illustrator on the island of me. No steady paycheck....no crown room..(Hallmark's cafeteria). I eat quickly and get back down in my art dungeon these days while my little lad is in daycare 2 days of the week. This is my time to crank. The rest of the time I work at night. My husband and best friend for life is really supportive and I couldn't do this without him. No way. I appreciate all the things that he does for us. Like laundry and vacuuming, or putting Finley to bed almost every night so I can work. I've got a good one. He watched Fin last night while I made this ad for Printsource. I'm super excited about the collections I've been toiling away at. Thanks for having a look and have a good day! Gobble time is around the corner. yippee!


A Teeny Tiny Movie

Last February I filmed myself doodling the last page in a 30 page coloring book called Day Of The Dead from the Just Add Color series published by Rockport. I decided to make a little movie from it. 

Altogether I illustrated 3 books total. In addition to Day Of The Dead there's Circus (vintage creepy cool!) and Carnivale (exotic dancers and fun and weird mask people!) SO MUCH FUN. I'm very grateful for this body of work. I had a lot of creative freedom which is very rare. The books are available at Rockport.com, in your local Barnes and Noble, and Amazon to name a few. Signed copies with an original doodle are also available at my Etsy shop, Petit Reve.–Sarah W.



I'm bad....I didn't do a Giffy Pop this week. I felt like painting instead. Lately I have ocean fever and just want to be at the beach. But we live dead smack in the middle of the country. Alas I have to paint my ideal scenario. It's up on etsy in case you have fantasy ocean fever too. Aqua Daydreams


Black and Whites!

After doing 3 coloring books for Quarry/Rockport (that are coming out in September and I CANNOT WAIT to share) I realized how much I loved doing just black and white art. In the beginning of the project I struggled because I'm such a fan of color. But then the doodle aspect of it became therapeutic! In February I completed all 90 pages of the coloring books and since then I really miss it. In my spare time/ha! I've decided to dedicate a little Tumblr specifically any B & W artwork I have time for. Here's the link to see more! http://sarahwalshsblackandwhites.tumblr.com/


Ice Cream Lurve

Yes, only three weeks in I'm late already...So I'm a day late and a dollar short...what does that even MEAN?! Better late than never I always say. Wednesday was a busy day so this weeks it's "Giffy Pop Wednesday but Really Thursday". For this one I decided to do a little self promotion piece. Promoting oneself is awkward sometimes. At least for me anyway. Some folks have no problem and more power to them for it. I always feel like I'm saying "Look at me! Look what I can do!" Me, me, me.... But as a freelance artist it's something I'm going to have to get comfortable with. Like a lot.....
So......here is me slapping my name on some triple scoop ice cream friends! Enjoy :)


Saying see ya later, not good bye!

One of my bestest bestest friends and her awesome husband who has become like a brother to me, is moving away to Beaufort, South Carolina.  We've all been through a lot together. It's really quite hard to sum it up with words how I feel. I've been in denial about them leaving because I'm happy for them really. And because I don't want to properly deal with my emotions yet! I know them moving is the right thing to do. So I kick my sad feelings to the curb and when I have a private moment I pick them up off the street and nurse them quietly.....SOB!....That said, I've been pretty busy and don't have time to perfect the movements of this little giffy pop. The action is quiet and barely noticeable. Maybe it's a metaphor on how huge changes just kinda sneak up on you! Love ya to pieces Meems and Spence! 


Giffy Pop Wednesday!!!!!!

So EVERY Wednesday I'm going to TRY...I say TRY to do a little gif. They're so fun. I just love them. Gif's are like little digital versions of old school mechanical toys. They're quite analog really when you compare them with all the other cool stuff going in the digital world. Maybe that's why I like them. I've been wanting to do this for like 10 years but have been afraid to commit to a weekly thing. Eeeeeeee.....Here it goes! Introducing Giffy Pop Wednesday! 

I call this one   S H A M E L E S S   P I N E A P P L E.


My chubby kid body gave me character :)

So hi...How are you? I hope swell. It's summer!!!! Yay! It's the perfect time for a party. How about a book party?! From May 5th to the end of June of 2014, there is a BOOK LAUNCH blog PARTY happening to celebrate Jenipher Lyn Gallardo's BOOK  release, "How Being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular Saved My Life". She invited over 40 people to spread the word by sharing an encouraging doodle. The book is really sweet and has helped so many girls. Her doodles in the book are very charming and the message is very down to earth and funny BTW! Of course I said yes to this awesome party invite and down below is my doodle. 

Here's my story to go a long with the picture.....So when I started second grade I began to get chubby. Then I got even more chubby. My mom made really good pies what can I say?! The kids at school apparently didn't understand my love of food. I was called Ms. Piggy, Fatso, Chubs, you name it. It hurt. It hurt A LOT! Kids are so mean. Even though it hurt my feelings and left some serious scar tissue I wouldn't change it for a thing for two reasons. 1. It made me really dig deep into drawing. Being able to draw gave me a sense of worth when other things in my little life made me feel worthLESS. 2. Being called names taught me how to have empathy for others. I knew what it was like to be teased so I thought twice before doing it to others. I think this gave me some serious character and the ability to think about other peoples feelings. So thank you chubby second grade me. I love you and accept you just the way you are...because I wouldn't be me without you :)



I was so honored when Design Ranch asked me to design the cover of KU Medical & Science Magazine because the cover story floored me. I balled after I was finished, like hard. The article is about a woman named Kathy Davis and the extremely sick or terminally ill children at KU. Kathy is their teacher, their mentor, their rock. Someone who helps their family get through the tough spots like surgery or donor issues etc. Someone who is a huge presence in helping their parents with the grieving process if the child passes away, an experience I can't even imagine. I am so thin skinned and don't know how the people in the medical field do it. I'm too sensitive...That's why I do what I do. So how does an artist capture something so inspiring yet sad yet also hopeful? It was tough. But to me, Kathy provides these folks with stability and comfort. But she doesn't ever forget these are children and at the core of every child there is an innate desire to have fun..to be light. To be a kid :) So I drew a tree because Kathy provides them with stability in a scary roller coaster world. She also provides fun, lightness and hope so I made clouds for it's leaves. I made the children happy and light because if they had it their way, that's how I think they'd want to feel. I hope I did this story justice because it's nothing short of amazing. And I just can't my hug my kids hard enough right now. Read the full story here :)


Blooms of Nigeria

I listen to NPR in my kitchen while puttering, cooking or feeding my little one and I have truly lost count of how many times a lump grew in my throat as a sad story would unfurl on my radio.  I usually change the channel because I feel helpless so why torture myself. What can I do? The latest sad story involves 300 nigerian girls being kidnapped. For what?! My imagination betrays me.....As a mom, my heart breaks for the parents of these girls. IT's ever parents nightmare. What's up with men who do these horrific things in the world? How do they sleep at night? Or look in the mirror when they get ready for the day? Their evil, gross day....If they were American girls would they have already been found? I dunno....Many questions cross my mind. Here is an article about the latest findings. 
As I drowned in my sad feelings and overwhelming thoughts of anger, Artist Rebecca Bradley decided to do something about it and now she's gotten a bunch of other artists to do something too...It might not change the situation but it's putting something positive into the world. An energy...And sometimes that has to be enough. Just think if EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the world did that.
Anyway, Rebecca created a blog called Blooms of Nigeria where a flower for every missing girl resides so that we may bring awareness to this situation.
Here is my flower for sweet Laraba. 


Marker Fumes = happy fun time with fluttery butterflies :)

I've been working mostly in black and white for over 5 months now because of a very special and exciting project which I will share with you in September. But as excited as I am about this now done project, the lack of color in my work in combination with the fact that it's been grey as heck outside is killing me. And when it snows it gets dirty.....blech. The magic of Christmas is long gone, new years resolutions have already failed....This time of year is hard for a lot of people. And why wouldn't it be?? We need spring! We need fresh air! WE need nature! WE need motivation. Color is a big motivator for me. It always has been. So I've been obsessed with markers....an easy and accessible color tool. My other obsession lately is obviously flowers, animals and plant. Below is the marker study and then the finished piece. Oops, what do you know, a little grey got in there :)-Sarah W.


Working with The Land of Nod

Hello friends! I have some really exciting news...A print from our Esty shop, Black Bear's Delight,
is on sale at landofnod.com. I was also asked to create an "spring time" illustration for their website background. I had a blast creating a bunch of silly little creatures on skateboards and roller skates.
The Land of Nod is my favorite place to buy baby/kid's product. They carry all kinds of goodies for
our little dood, Finley.




Hello folks! Just wanted to share my MATS Bootcamp assignment :) If you haven't heard of it check out the link. It's a great way to make new work for your portfolio. For the mini we were instructed to go crazy and doodle cuckoo clocks til our hearts content. The mini is a warm up assignment that helps you prepare for the actual assignment. Hopefully if you sketch enough (and stretch) for the mini you have enough ideas for the actual assignment. For February it's ye old iPhone cover. 
I'm pretty happy with how mine came out but I could probably noodle with to for another week. That's why deadlines are goooooooood :)-Sarah W.


2014 The year of the pattern

I love pattern. I'm a fabric hoarder, have way to many little spring dresses with floral prints and any little gift bag or tote with a fun pattern is hard not to buy. At the time, I feel like NEED it! I'm a junkie pretty much. Visual repetition is soothing to me...comforting yet exciting. There's a visual rhythm to it. Music for your eyes! That said, I'm REEEEEEALY excited to creatively participate in this addiction :) I've been wanting to sink my teeth into the surface design world for so long but never had time. I always lean toward characters, people and animals. And sometimes the occasional funky floral doodle. But this year that's it. Pattern? It's going to a focus of mine in 2014. I'm going to take the said things I love drawing and turn it into a surface design....play, mess around...see where it takes me. What's your creative focus for 2014?


New Prints on our etsy, Petit Reve!

Hey folks, we're getting back on the etsy train with some new prints. Hop on board with us! We also have some other top secret products cooking but mums the word right now. Stay tuned. For now we have spanish vikings...What?!, girls on horseback and bubble gum colored forest creatures! Hope you're having an awesome day and thanks for stopping by :)


Finley's room....finally :)

Ya know...we tried so hard to have his room finished before he came....but it just DID NOT happen. 
And folks say to you empathetically as you tell them your pre-baby goals, "He's not even going to use that room for a while you know"....And you smile and nod, knowing damn well you won't have time once your little bundle arrives, no matter what room he's in, to do anything but take care of that little bundle. That pooping, crying, eating, cuddly bundle of pure and amazing magic. So fast forward to 4 months later and we're finally finished. We put it side for a minute until we could REALLY finish it. We're only waiting for ONE more thing. A rug. We just haven't found the right one yet. wink, wink...We'll post an update later. So when you have talented friends and generous family members, designing a baby room is sort of a piece of cake...so once we re-conveined and saw all the fun things we had to work with the room came together rather fast. A special thanks to Mirna Stubbs, Dean Kube, Lilla Rogers and the studio ladies,  and last but not least, my wonderful mother-in-law, Sandy aka Momsville and my father-in-law, Kevin, aka K-Pop. Our elephant bedding is from Land of Nod and designed by Allison Cole. Thank you Momsville! The "Hello, I love you" bear print by Julia Pott is a fave we've had for awhile and didn't have the perfect place for it until Finley arrived. The adorable alpaca print is Flora Chang. We made the mobile with help from a co-worker of Colin's. Thank you Hanna! There are some Petit Reve prints in there too. I mean, c'mon, Can you blame us? ;) As far as furniture it was mostly Ikea and then we took an old chest of drawers we had in the garage, slapped some knobs on it (lovingly painted by by K-pop). My hubs painted it and voila', good as new.

by Dean Kube

Black Bear's Delight by Colin Walsh (shameless Petit Reve promotion)

banner by Mirna Stubbs

another print on Petit Reve done by yours truly



Animated gifs are fun. Do you pronounce them Gif or Jif, like the peanutbutter?
Anywho, here's a little gif I had to do for the Lilla Rogers blog. As one of her artist you get a free little spot on her blog to link it to your site. yippee :) I still don't believe it. I feel super super lucky :)
I'd like to do some more animated gifs in the future. Or maybe some Vines. They are soooooo cool!
I have a major girl crush on Marlo Meekins. She's the queen of Vines right now. So gorgeous. AND she's a crazy good illustrator. gee whiz...