This is another piece I did for DRAW WHAT YOU DIG. I've always loved the word haberdashery and Paul Rand has always inspired me with his playful letter forms, shapes and simple characters. What a genius he was! My professor in college met him and I think she had a tiny crush on him ever since.



Poptopia is one of the coolest shops that Kansas City has. They recently had a local toy competition and the winner received a $50 Poptopia gift certificate. Sadly we didn't win but we really got hooked on toy making!
Presenting Brion the bear lion and Peggy Sue aka Minty Kid


Dr. Sketchy-fied

A few studies of Tomahawk Tassles...the timely burlesque model at Dr. Sketchys on Sunday night. Tassles was chatty and wouldn't sit still for the most part but WOW...was she curvy. I mean...her waist was so small and then her booty was like "badow"! I was seriously considering having a few of my ribs removed or maybe have some of my chub from my midsection transplanted to my butt. Either way she was fun to draw because her "cartoon like" proportions. Fun was had by all and I'm glad I didn't poop out on you Colin ;) cause' it's hard to get motivated on a Sunday night sometimes.


Midnight Shenanigans

I can't take credit for the name. I think my fiance nailed it. This dude isn't spinning any evil on his dark stormy unicorn, but he is alas....up to some mischief. I did this piece for our art show DRAW WHAT YOU DIG back in September. Why does that seem so freakin' long ago??!!!! November? What???!!!


Alter Ego

We all have one....What's yours? Mine seems to be an ape yeti guy. After seeing a drawing of him my dear friend said to me..."That's you!" and I said "Wow...ya know what, you're right. It totally is." There you have it......the most interesting/shortest story you've heard *_* Anyway....it's fun to think of what some of the reoccurring characters we draw represent to us....sub-consciously.
On a side note, a friend bought this piece at our most recent art fair and her son liked it so much he brought it to show-n-tell at school. Honestly that is one pf the coolest compliments EVER :) for realz. Ty, this blog is a shot out to you and your cool mom :)