Wowsers.....I fell off the face of the earth.

And landed in this collage. This was the second to last MATS assignments I did. And that was a few months ago. Growing a baybay takes a lot of energy. So I had to reserve mine. But he is almost here and I really miss blogging. So I'll get back on the horse here and post my last assignment in a few days.
Maybe...unless I go into labor. :) I can't say enough about Lilla's class. I'm looking forward to Part B and hope I have a little time to dibble and dabble in the assignments but I"m not going to push it. I know taking care of a new human is intense so I'm dialing down my expectations. I really like getting to know the other students too and now we have a little online art possie if you will. So even if I can't kick total as* in the class I can hook up with my buds on the MATS FB page and show off pics of the little one :) In regards to this assignment I did very little in photoshop here. It was mostly conventional gouache, glue, pencil and paper.....and I'm proud of that. It was sooooooo therapeutic. Cutting paper and gluing stuff down is just the best.....
I highly recommend it! As far as the quote, I feel it really speaks to where I'm at mentally right now. I hope it speaks to you too!