Lucky Lion

Hi there! How's it going this Saturday morn? Ya know...I like getting up early on weekends sometimes. I feel I get more done. Like posting a bloggity blog post after 3 dusty months of not posting :) Colin and I both got a little burned out from doing so many creative projects during the wedding and from the Hallmarket craft fair. Oh yeah, and Colin moving in. Our daughter sweet 16 Star Wars bash. The holidays. A lot of changes and adjustments. It takes special energy to do those sort of things right.
But...we're getting itchy and wanting to do some fun art stuff.

Some goals we have for this spring Art wise:
1) To be more consistent with listing new product in our etsy store
2) To be more consistent with posting blogs and updates
3) To draw more
4) To work on some projects we've been kicking around, even if it's a little bit at a time

We're going to try our best to stick to our plan. But then life happens!
What are your Art goals or projects you've been wanting to do?