Underpainting of Marie

We went to the studio tonight and I felt like I wanted to start the line work. But the canvas wasn't quite there yet. Haste makes waste. I sucked it up and continued to lay down some layers. The canvas benefited from the seasoning for sure. Tomorrow night is line!



So a little while back Colin and I met this great girl named Jennifer Bertrand at the Hallmarket art fair. She's an interior designer in the KC area and just so happens to be....the season 3 champion of HGTV's Design Star. She also did a creative lecture at Hallmark a few years ago. Jennifer bought several prints from us that day and we were super pumped! She was very excited about our work! Well, we're very grateful for crossing paths with this amazing person. I can't say enough about this chic. One, because she's extremely inspirational and kind, and two, because she's commissioned us for some ridiculously cool freelance jobs. We're doing a 4' x 5' painting of Marie Antoinette. Yep....It's a dream project. I could draw ladies like that all day. I'm obsessed with the clothing, the girly-ness, the ruffles.....etc. So freakin' cool. Here are some studies for the project a long with the research. The bottom sketch is the final. We'll project the sketch with our trusty new Art-o-graph :)


My Ninja

 My Ninja, Wolfie. I love this little dood. Artwork and Title © Colin Walsh 2012

Shame On A Ninja

Shame on a ninja, tried to run game on a ninja is a quote inspired by a Wu-Tang song.
My dog, Wolfie is definitely my buddy and my Ninja. He has an arsenal of throwing stars, bandit masks, and liquid swords. Quotes and Artwork © Colin Walsh 2012