Giffy Pop Wednesday!!!!!!

So EVERY Wednesday I'm going to TRY...I say TRY to do a little gif. They're so fun. I just love them. Gif's are like little digital versions of old school mechanical toys. They're quite analog really when you compare them with all the other cool stuff going in the digital world. Maybe that's why I like them. I've been wanting to do this for like 10 years but have been afraid to commit to a weekly thing. Eeeeeeee.....Here it goes! Introducing Giffy Pop Wednesday! 

I call this one   S H A M E L E S S   P I N E A P P L E.


My chubby kid body gave me character :)

So hi...How are you? I hope swell. It's summer!!!! Yay! It's the perfect time for a party. How about a book party?! From May 5th to the end of June of 2014, there is a BOOK LAUNCH blog PARTY happening to celebrate Jenipher Lyn Gallardo's BOOK  release, "How Being Stubborn, Depressed, and Unpopular Saved My Life". She invited over 40 people to spread the word by sharing an encouraging doodle. The book is really sweet and has helped so many girls. Her doodles in the book are very charming and the message is very down to earth and funny BTW! Of course I said yes to this awesome party invite and down below is my doodle. 

Here's my story to go a long with the picture.....So when I started second grade I began to get chubby. Then I got even more chubby. My mom made really good pies what can I say?! The kids at school apparently didn't understand my love of food. I was called Ms. Piggy, Fatso, Chubs, you name it. It hurt. It hurt A LOT! Kids are so mean. Even though it hurt my feelings and left some serious scar tissue I wouldn't change it for a thing for two reasons. 1. It made me really dig deep into drawing. Being able to draw gave me a sense of worth when other things in my little life made me feel worthLESS. 2. Being called names taught me how to have empathy for others. I knew what it was like to be teased so I thought twice before doing it to others. I think this gave me some serious character and the ability to think about other peoples feelings. So thank you chubby second grade me. I love you and accept you just the way you are...because I wouldn't be me without you :)