Red Foxy Brooch

I bought a pack of Shrinky Dinks about a year ago and my BF and I messed around with them here and there but it fizzled out. (The Dinks, not the BF ;) Anyway...So I bust them out a couple nights ago and it clicks. Shrinky Dinks are a perfect medium for me to get my doodles out in a graphic way. The medium really lends itself to my style. So I'm really excited about all the things I could make with this stuff! I posted this little guy on Etsy and he was sold by the next day courtesy of this awesome designer named Bee of Little Beehive Design in Melbourne, Australia. Thanks for purchasing Foxy, Bee!


Sweet Uni on Periwinkle Hill

A fresh baked print On Petit Reve...(I'm hungry :) I can't get over how bright the colors are from that epson....MAN!!!
Here's the digital file.


Petit Reve is in biz-nizzzzzzz :)

Holy Mackerel...we finally got some stuff up in the shop!!!! Spread the word, good people of the internets :)
I think my fave print is the one of our dog Wolfie...Michel really captured his personality.



My daughter Michel and I are starting an etsy shop!

My not so little one has dreams of traveling abroad and well, I just think that's super brave and cool. So I'd like to make it happen for her gosh darn it!!! We'll be selling art prints and other hand made goods-all original art made by Michel and yours truly. Hopefully within the next 2 weeks we'll have stuff up. So stay tuned!
I decided on Petit Reve (Little Dream) because her first choice is France and also to pay a bit of homage to my french great grandmother, Una Frachette. Hopefully this endeavor will force us to learn some french..cause uh....right now, we don't speak a lick! Here's the biz card and the etsy banner.