Aepyceros Melampus

Here's the study I mentioned yesterday. We wanted to drop some science so we decided to add the Latin names to the design. It added a fun educational vibe for us and hopefully for whoever buys these. Unless they are geniuses :)


WIP-Tigersheep Alphabet Cards

Hello! Hope all is well on the interwebs. A while back Colin and I decided we wanted to create a set of alphabet cards. It's just too appealing of a project for 2 illustrators who love character design and also have an almost equal passion for typography. Here is WIP of an impala. I just wanted to share the overall style of what some of them are going to look like. I'm excited about adding more line work for texture and of course some cool hand lettering. One of my favorite things about doing this project is the studies I get to do of the animal in my sketchbook. And also getting to learn cool things about the animals. ANIMALS ARE AMAZING!!!!! I'm going to post some of my process sketches and studies later possibly tonight.


Crumpets and UN-Strumpets

Wow. I'm eating crumpets from Trader Joes for the first time and they are blowing my mind. It's hard to impress someone that loves a morning cup of joe and something bread-y but still. They are DELISH! On another note, I wanted to share some sketches I did of some lovely ladies at Dr. Sketchy's. And for the record just because they like to pose half naked and shake their little booby tassles doesn't make them strumpets...:)