Modern Unicorn

Ok...I think I had an artisitc breakthrough.
That sounds very dramatic but I've realized I'm always struggling to balance the ornate/feminine side of my style with the modern blob shapes and simplicity I'm always drawn to. I LOVE modern design and the simplicity of it. But there's still a sense of organic-ness to alot of the modern design I like. And I love old ornate mirrors and frames. Maybe harnessing these artistic struggles are what make people become a better artist? Because without a little struggle how can anything be...good. Uni-yoda has spoken.

mod doodle

I can never get enough of these weird shapes. I'd like to do a big ol' canvas painting of something in this realm. We'll see.


More Art Unleashed

A couple more pieces I did for Art Unleashed. These guys sold for a good little bit o' change along with the unicorn twins. My friends and I went to the event and Boy....was it crowded. They used to have quite a spread of food...I could almost use the word feast...yes..feast...it was awesome. But now they just have peeps walking around with trays instead. Well..hey..if your hungry and coming right from work...you're in for some animal behavior. It was funny to see people waiting in the key spots where the waiters would come out with the food. the tray would be empty in seconds. My daughter and I almost jumped a dude with chipotle burritos because we were so hungry. We got our grub and the event made lots of $$$ for the sweet and gentle animals of KC. Let's hope some of the adorable dogs they had there got adopted too.


Art Unleashed

I think it's safe to say I'm in unicorn mode.
acrylic and cut paper on wood.
I did this for Art Unleashed which is this Friday at the Uptown. It's an annual art auction to help the humane society. Check it out!


Unicorn Poo needs unicorns...

I was really inspired by the opening ceremonies of the olympics. The costumes and colors were astounding. yes, astounding. I love jade green and red together!

a few more posters...

Last fall Softee did a gig in the middle of Kansas for a LARGE group of girls scouts. Yes...girl scouts, outdoors at a place called Camp Starwoods. And I will never forget it. It was a very magical experience. Those girl scouts were good kids. They gave us hugs and made us sign their foreheads, their frisbees, you name it. They were inspired to see 4 girls get up and play rock and roll..ok..pop. but still...And in turn, we were inspired by their youth and energy. The Girl Scouts in Kansas were merging their groups to one big mega group of honorable do-gooders and wanted to throw a huge party to celebrate which they called "Make New Friends" of course. And so we did.
Here are the posters that each Softee designed in honor of the occasion.


band posters

I'm in a band called Softee with my best girl pals. It's a great outlet for creativity for sooo many reasons.Here are a few posters I've done for our past shows. We just finished a new cd and I'll be posting the finished product soon. To listen to a few of our new tracks go to www.myspace.com/softeerocks. The one with the dancing pizza is the first poster I ever did for Softee. sniff sniff. And yes, the one up top is a menagerie of happy hobos with tin can hats.


groovy kind a' love

Tomorrow is my mom's b-day. I didn't want to lame out and order flowers last minute...not that there's anything wrong with sending flowers but I felt like she deserves something alittle more original. So I drew her some flowers. I'm also sending her some Roasterie Coffee, the Kansas City Dark-YUM, cause the woman can drink some coffee. I think it's running through her veins. She sends me Dunkin' Doughnuts from back home so I thought I'd return the favor. I LOVE you Mom!