Holy Moly, dreams DO come true! Hello Lilla Rogers!

So when I was first starting out at Hallmark as a designer/illustrator I was on the kids team. They encouraged us to research and hone our creative skills. Naturally I would take advantage of the awesome library that Hallmark has and peruse the internet. Well, low and behold I stumbled upon this really cool website called Lilla Rogers Studio. And it was a feast for my eyeballs for sure. Never had I seen such talent all under one roof. LRS became a "hallmark" if you will, of inspsiration and style for me and has influenced my personal and professional work. I later became a mentor for a new designer name Mimi. I shared this gem of inspiration with her as well.

As I looked on in admiration, it became a dream to be represented by her. Years pass, life happens....the dream is still there. My awesome husband Colin tells me to submit my work to LRS. I say "Oy, I'm not ready yet!" Then about 2 months ago, I have lunch with my friend Laura and SHE also says I should submit my work. A week later, low and behold she saw some of my work on Pinterest and asked if I had an agent. My jaw dropped and my heart almost beat out of my chest! I submitted my work and a partnership has been forged! I now have Lilla Rogers as a rep. See my work HERE. She has a team of amazing women working with her that I adore. Lilla and her team are a force to be reckon with and I feel so lucky and blessed. LRS is an international Art Rep agency at the top of their game and they get thousands of submissions every year. To be honest....it's a bit intimidating. Many of her artists, like Helen Dardik for example is definitely one of my art heros. That said, it's time to be fearless and take advantage of this opportunity! So to wrap it up full circle, I have the rep I've always dreamed of AND the designer I mentored, Mimi, became one of my best friends and now we're taking Lilla's Make Art That Sells class together a long with another great buddy of mine Flora Chang. Life is funny sometimes. I really believe we all have a quiet tune playing in our hearts that only we can hear. Our "inner boombox" and if we're the only ones who can hear it, we're the only ones that can sing it. So we need to sing, gosh darn it!!!!!!!


TokyoBunnie Blog!

Hello good folks of the world. It's been awhile. We have been so busy it feels as if we're planning another wedding. A kid graduating high school/getting ready for college, a kid getting ready to be born/remodeling our basement so we have a studio to work in because this little kid will need a room upstairs and then in addition to family stuff many many freelance blessings and happenings....
WOW! Are we lucky but MAN, it's a lot to take in at once. It's just kinda happened that way so we have to go with the flow and count our lucky stars :) We are doing our best to manage it all and make sure we soak in the amazing moments. That said, a blog will get mighty dusty whilst life is happening :) But we are never too busy to thank people that promote our work without even being requested to.
There is sooooo much good stuff out there so to be written about by an amazing blogger is always a treat. Wanna give a shot out to Tokyo Bunnie for choosing us! Thank you for your lovely feature of our work. We really appreciate it!