Fiber!!! YAY!

Aaah...back in the day where I used to sit at Hallmark, me and my best Softee buddy Steph would all take turns at the microwave heating our oats (preferably steel cut) like hobos huddled around a fiery trash can, heating our impaled scraps up on a cold winter night. Those were the days! I've since re-located to a new dept. but I still have my oatmeal in the morn'. Alone..sniff sniff. Miss ya Steph :) A friend at work was admiring a poo sign I doodled near my "oatmeal Station" in my cube. She requested I make one for her and because she is such a doll, of course I obliged. I kinda think "Fiber!!! YAY! has a ring to it.


Softee Show Poster

a poster I did for my band Softee. We played last night at the place we're having this show at and it was pretty cool to see the poster plastered everywhere. (insert sound of air filling my ego) They're are 5 bands in the lineup and I wanted to incorporate an element of each band in the poster because it's a "pop alliance". Mimi suggested bananas to represent "Sexy Accident" and it was a perfect way to throw in some fun surface pattern. It was Steph's idea to have the X eyes on the girl. What can I say? Softee's
a team :)


More Xx

Here's my individual piece for the show this Friday. I almost wimped out and went to bed so I could read my book. But I'm glad I didn't. I'm happy with this :)Sometimes we can cry rainbows, no?


Xx Chromosome Art Show

My band Softee is going to play at a first Friday Art Show next week called Xx Chromosome. It's curated by a very talented artist named Tuesday Shmidt and alot of other talented ladies are involved as well. Each of us Softees are submitting individual art along with a collabrative Softee piece. It's at the Late Show Gallery. Here's the cool poster along with my part of the collabrative piece so far. Hope to see you there!
Poster by Tuesday Shmidt


Crazy Ass Doodle...

My friend Steph had a Sketch Club night. It was really fun. More talking went on than sketching but eh...I kinda figured. Anyway, I really disliked how this was coming out but I realized the more I layered it the more it became this thing I didn't even really see anymore. Which made it more likable?? For me anyway. I think I'm just really rusty so anything I doodle is not going feel steady. Ya gotta start somewhere :)