Geo-Prism Puffy Sleevage

So...those tree rounds you can get from Hobby Lobby. We have a bunch from our wedding...They've been in our garage for over a year! We used them for center pieces for the terrariums on each guest table. Now they are a canvas for these unearthly lady creatures I've had in my brain for a long time. They're finally coming out and I'm having a blast. I don't do much sketching for them which is cool because that means I have to concentrate. Everything else just fades away. It's very therapeutic. No command Z means pure focus! 


I'm excited...

Just like this little cloud here. If I could poop candy colored sprinkles I would. Colin and I have been operating like a fierce 2 headed art makin' machine the past few weeks and it feels really good. We're a bit pooped but we're sooooo excited to share our art with everybody. Here's another sneak peak at what we'll have at Hallmarket. The girl below is an original painting by myself and the little candy cloud is by Colin. I love this little dude. He just makes me happy.
I'd love to see him animated.