Art Show: September 3rd. YEAH!

My fiance (i've been saying beyonce) designed this for our show that's coming up. I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!! Such a talented bunch. A few of us smacked our heads together and came up with the idea of each artist doodling on a letter and then that would be the signage for the show as well as the poster. I think it came out great. If you're in KC hope to see you there!



Good stuff hap-nen'

Big BIG news.... August 7 my best friend asked me to marry him. We've been on goo island ever since. We have so many fun projects we wanna work on together starting with our show in September and just going on and on. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Also, this weekend Michel and I rolled out some new product at Artilicious and also made some new friends too! We made little paper mobiles and sewed candle cozies with our own artwork printed on the fabric. Michel sewed her butt off and i'm so proud of her!


P is fo' Pattern...

What's new with you? The summer is in the melty slow motion phase and peeps, myself included, are getting summer grumps. But I gotta keep movin'. Lovely fall will be here soon....Anyway,new work/product is coming up! TONS! An art/craft fair called Artilicious (August 14), my first gallery show with my BF Colin and many other friends called DRAW WHAT U DIG (September 3), and Art Unleashed (August 27?). Fun fabric product, some paintings, transfers and more :) I'm printing some of the designs on fabric with my trusty ol' Epson R1900. This printer is a clydesdale I swear. I've been planning on using Spoonflower for other stuff but my buddy Flora said that they're 3 weeks behind so I may have to print it all on my bud Epstein because I'm not the BEST time planner. Stay tuned!