Image 25 Book Of Blessings....

We're recovering from a drive to Chicago up and back to get our daughter from school and a whirlwind trip to NYC for the Surtex and Stationary shows all in 5 days....I'm going to "copycat" this cat and take a minute to smell the flowers! 


Image 24 Book Of Blessings

A week from now I'll be at Surtex! I can't wait to meet my agents. It's been 2 years since I've signed with Lilla Rogers and I STILL have yet to meet Lilla and Susan. I'm also excited to meet new team members Joanne and Reine and some of the other fellow artists the studio represents. I've never been to this crazy hyped up event in NYC and it's a bit intimidating. The nerves are starting in and that "what am I gonna wear?!" voice is starting to buzz in my ear. I hope to get some new clients out of this experience but you just never know with these things. So my ultimate goal is to have a super positive experience. Having fun with my boo, meeting new people and having that good energy exchange is all I can really hope for!


Image 23 / Book of Blessings

I've been slacking on these...life's been getting in the way of "my blog on". But I promise to be more diligent about posting the rest of these. 7 more to go! oh how I miss the sea....