Gentlemen in Teal/Gouache

He's a guy who's misunderstood. He likes chic flicks and White Zin but who would know by the looks of him.

Siamese Brides

Did this last week. I have a gallery show Septemeber 3rd with my bf Colin Walsh and many other talented artists. STILL don't know EXACTLY what I'm going to do yet but I have some ideas. It's our first gallery show together or ever for that matter. I'm trying to "play" more and just see what happens :) Hopefully my play will lead to some cool things.


Lump in me' throat!

I found this amazing animation on my buddy Andrea's blog Fly.It actually almost made me cry. I'm a bonafide sap but this is an amazing story and people like Kakenya Ntaiya inspire me so much. The courage people have in order to truly make a change in the world truly blows my mind. My hat is off to all involved in this special piece of work. Directed by Aaron Kisner and Pistachios. Music by Dan Radlauer. Produced by Blacklist. via african digital art.

PISTACHIOS - Kakenya from POCKO on Vimeo.


Pikaland is AWESOME!!!!

Amy from Pikaland invited me to be part of the Pikaland Package Project.
It was super fun and I'm so glad I did it :) Although I did NOT take any pictures of any of stuff I sent her!!!! duh.....For every project Amy also does a zine with artist interviews. I'm not sure if she did the artwork for the cover but it's super cute.
"The PikaPackage project is a fun marketing tool and swap meet for illustrators who are currently selling their wares online."-Amy from Pikaland. There’s a giveaway http://pikaland.com/ and also very limited edition packages for sale in the shop!


Afro Dude

He's a bit worried....maybe he smells a funny odor but can't figure out where it's coming from...or maybe his dog had an accident on a piece of furniture...hmmmmm.



Just can't seem to get a blog flow goin'. So freakin' busy at the day job. I'm working on some stuff I'm not at liberty to share yet...but when I do it's going to hopefully be pretty exciting :) But here's a few words to tease you with if everything I've been working on doesn't blow up in a puff of smoke because of corporate silliness. Ready? In all caps...TWEEN GIRLS, CRAYOLA and CHARACTERS. That's all I can say until next time.
For now here's a preview of some new Petit Reve stuff coming up :)