Printsource Ad

So this is my first real year as an illustrator on the island of me. No steady paycheck....no crown room..(Hallmark's cafeteria). I eat quickly and get back down in my art dungeon these days while my little lad is in daycare 2 days of the week. This is my time to crank. The rest of the time I work at night. My husband and best friend for life is really supportive and I couldn't do this without him. No way. I appreciate all the things that he does for us. Like laundry and vacuuming, or putting Finley to bed almost every night so I can work. I've got a good one. He watched Fin last night while I made this ad for Printsource. I'm super excited about the collections I've been toiling away at. Thanks for having a look and have a good day! Gobble time is around the corner. yippee!