Underpainting of Marie

We went to the studio tonight and I felt like I wanted to start the line work. But the canvas wasn't quite there yet. Haste makes waste. I sucked it up and continued to lay down some layers. The canvas benefited from the seasoning for sure. Tomorrow night is line!



So a little while back Colin and I met this great girl named Jennifer Bertrand at the Hallmarket art fair. She's an interior designer in the KC area and just so happens to be....the season 3 champion of HGTV's Design Star. She also did a creative lecture at Hallmark a few years ago. Jennifer bought several prints from us that day and we were super pumped! She was very excited about our work! Well, we're very grateful for crossing paths with this amazing person. I can't say enough about this chic. One, because she's extremely inspirational and kind, and two, because she's commissioned us for some ridiculously cool freelance jobs. We're doing a 4' x 5' painting of Marie Antoinette. Yep....It's a dream project. I could draw ladies like that all day. I'm obsessed with the clothing, the girly-ness, the ruffles.....etc. So freakin' cool. Here are some studies for the project a long with the research. The bottom sketch is the final. We'll project the sketch with our trusty new Art-o-graph :)


My Ninja

 My Ninja, Wolfie. I love this little dood. Artwork and Title © Colin Walsh 2012

Shame On A Ninja

Shame on a ninja, tried to run game on a ninja is a quote inspired by a Wu-Tang song.
My dog, Wolfie is definitely my buddy and my Ninja. He has an arsenal of throwing stars, bandit masks, and liquid swords. Quotes and Artwork © Colin Walsh 2012


Sushi Doodle

I went to the studio with my lovely wife and best buddy last night and doodled
some sushi studies. There's something charming about a sushi and wasabi ninja team.

Kickin' up the taste and spice. I definitely want to make a print of wasabi and sushi skateboarding together.


Basquiat, the world just wasn't ready for you.

Jean-Michel Basquiat is an art hero of ours. Colin was introduced to him by his high school art teacher Mrs. Topp. Like any art teacher worth her weight, she was was trying to teach her students that the art world has a huge span of flavors and points of view. That art isn't about drawing something perfectly. It's about expression. Although I learned about him in college I didn't fully appreciate him until I met Colin. There is an amazing documentary called Jean-Michel Basquiat: The Radiant Child. He really was ahead of his time. Especially in the way that he incorporated pattern, type and poetry. Below is a piece Colin did a little bit ago to honor his hero. Who is your art hero?


TGI to the mutha truckin' F

Yep, I said it, TGIF. And I'm not talking about the restaurant. This wasn't the longest week ever but...I really just can't wait to be a homebody this weekend. Rake some crispy leaves, drink some coffee...etc, awesome fall stuff, etc....At Hallmarket about a month back we sold a lot of sugar skull doodles. I really need to get these guys on our etsy. I think folks would enjoy them. Here's a very festively Friday example of what's to come...He's a spicy one. He even has a little sombrero. I did miss the day of the dead boat on these but oh well. Maybe next year.


New Blog, Old Blog

Have you ever had a to do list with things on it that just NEVER seem to get done? Yep....Well, I've been wanting to update our blog header forever. And I did it! Not that I didn't think I was the coolest person ever for having an animated pooping unicorn for a blog header. HOWEVER...eventually I'd like to start a new blog, using our actual names. One, to keep things simple. These days we all have so many accounts, passwords, alias names. It gets to be a bit much. I know I can hear some amen sistah's here. And Two, we are both working artists and it's important to get our real names out there in the art world. See, the thing is, we have some ideas cooking but until we have time to fully bake them we're gonna enjoy a little more unicorn poo ;) So, I thought for now, a new header would be a good middle ground. The yeti and the unicorn illo are originally from wedding invite and I thought it was the perfect, quick way to update MY blog to OUR blog.
So, for our "first"post I thought it appropriate to share our hard work from the wedding. Here are all the panels from our invite.  I cannot believe it's been a year and four months already. And that I haven't posted this invite until now. It was a 3 panel un-folder filled with illustration and info for our wedding guests.  It was a HUGE undertaking and because we didn't kill each other in the process, in addition to also planning a wedding, we thought...wow, maybe we could actually work together creatively!


Geo-Prism Puffy Sleevage

So...those tree rounds you can get from Hobby Lobby. We have a bunch from our wedding...They've been in our garage for over a year! We used them for center pieces for the terrariums on each guest table. Now they are a canvas for these unearthly lady creatures I've had in my brain for a long time. They're finally coming out and I'm having a blast. I don't do much sketching for them which is cool because that means I have to concentrate. Everything else just fades away. It's very therapeutic. No command Z means pure focus! 


I'm excited...

Just like this little cloud here. If I could poop candy colored sprinkles I would. Colin and I have been operating like a fierce 2 headed art makin' machine the past few weeks and it feels really good. We're a bit pooped but we're sooooo excited to share our art with everybody. Here's another sneak peak at what we'll have at Hallmarket. The girl below is an original painting by myself and the little candy cloud is by Colin. I love this little dude. He just makes me happy.
I'd love to see him animated.


Upcoming Hallmarket Art Fair

This blog should be called Dusty Dusterson......Yes, It's been awhile. A long while. I'm not the most consistent blogger that's for sure. But I'm posting to tell you about HALLMARKET!!!!!!! WHAT!?It's the coolest art fest in Kansas City. At least I think so. I work with some of the most talented folks I know and 90 of them (including my hubs and I) will be selling there art in Hallmark Square. Mr. Walsh and I will be selling our art under the name Petit Reve. In the next few weeks look for some new posts on the new art goodies we'll be selling. We've been really trying to push ourselves into new techniques and trying to stay off the computer as much as possible. In doing that we've found that we love working with gouache and cut paper. Any-hoo, the event takes place September 29, a day before my daughter turns 17. yikes.....Time flies. P.S. This adorable poster was done by our buddy Maura Cluthe.


Monster Draw Rally

Friday night after work we went to an event called Monster Draw Rally here in our beloved Kansas City. Colin and I drew for one hour and then whatever we drew, good or bad :) was auctioned off to support The Sheffield Place. It's an organization that helps abused women and their children. MDR is every year and we were glad to a part of it! A special thanks to Tuesday and Mimi & Spencer Numer.


Lucky Lion

Hi there! How's it going this Saturday morn? Ya know...I like getting up early on weekends sometimes. I feel I get more done. Like posting a bloggity blog post after 3 dusty months of not posting :) Colin and I both got a little burned out from doing so many creative projects during the wedding and from the Hallmarket craft fair. Oh yeah, and Colin moving in. Our daughter sweet 16 Star Wars bash. The holidays. A lot of changes and adjustments. It takes special energy to do those sort of things right.
But...we're getting itchy and wanting to do some fun art stuff.

Some goals we have for this spring Art wise:
1) To be more consistent with listing new product in our etsy store
2) To be more consistent with posting blogs and updates
3) To draw more
4) To work on some projects we've been kicking around, even if it's a little bit at a time

We're going to try our best to stick to our plan. But then life happens!
What are your Art goals or projects you've been wanting to do?