2014 The year of the pattern

I love pattern. I'm a fabric hoarder, have way to many little spring dresses with floral prints and any little gift bag or tote with a fun pattern is hard not to buy. At the time, I feel like NEED it! I'm a junkie pretty much. Visual repetition is soothing to me...comforting yet exciting. There's a visual rhythm to it. Music for your eyes! That said, I'm REEEEEEALY excited to creatively participate in this addiction :) I've been wanting to sink my teeth into the surface design world for so long but never had time. I always lean toward characters, people and animals. And sometimes the occasional funky floral doodle. But this year that's it. Pattern? It's going to a focus of mine in 2014. I'm going to take the said things I love drawing and turn it into a surface design....play, mess around...see where it takes me. What's your creative focus for 2014?


New Prints on our etsy, Petit Reve!

Hey folks, we're getting back on the etsy train with some new prints. Hop on board with us! We also have some other top secret products cooking but mums the word right now. Stay tuned. For now we have spanish vikings...What?!, girls on horseback and bubble gum colored forest creatures! Hope you're having an awesome day and thanks for stopping by :)


Finley's room....finally :)

Ya know...we tried so hard to have his room finished before he came....but it just DID NOT happen. 
And folks say to you empathetically as you tell them your pre-baby goals, "He's not even going to use that room for a while you know"....And you smile and nod, knowing damn well you won't have time once your little bundle arrives, no matter what room he's in, to do anything but take care of that little bundle. That pooping, crying, eating, cuddly bundle of pure and amazing magic. So fast forward to 4 months later and we're finally finished. We put it side for a minute until we could REALLY finish it. We're only waiting for ONE more thing. A rug. We just haven't found the right one yet. wink, wink...We'll post an update later. So when you have talented friends and generous family members, designing a baby room is sort of a piece of cake...so once we re-conveined and saw all the fun things we had to work with the room came together rather fast. A special thanks to Mirna Stubbs, Dean Kube, Lilla Rogers and the studio ladies,  and last but not least, my wonderful mother-in-law, Sandy aka Momsville and my father-in-law, Kevin, aka K-Pop. Our elephant bedding is from Land of Nod and designed by Allison Cole. Thank you Momsville! The "Hello, I love you" bear print by Julia Pott is a fave we've had for awhile and didn't have the perfect place for it until Finley arrived. The adorable alpaca print is Flora Chang. We made the mobile with help from a co-worker of Colin's. Thank you Hanna! There are some Petit Reve prints in there too. I mean, c'mon, Can you blame us? ;) As far as furniture it was mostly Ikea and then we took an old chest of drawers we had in the garage, slapped some knobs on it (lovingly painted by by K-pop). My hubs painted it and voila', good as new.

by Dean Kube

Black Bear's Delight by Colin Walsh (shameless Petit Reve promotion)

banner by Mirna Stubbs

another print on Petit Reve done by yours truly



Animated gifs are fun. Do you pronounce them Gif or Jif, like the peanutbutter?
Anywho, here's a little gif I had to do for the Lilla Rogers blog. As one of her artist you get a free little spot on her blog to link it to your site. yippee :) I still don't believe it. I feel super super lucky :)
I'd like to do some more animated gifs in the future. Or maybe some Vines. They are soooooo cool!
I have a major girl crush on Marlo Meekins. She's the queen of Vines right now. So gorgeous. AND she's a crazy good illustrator. gee whiz...