Animated gifs are fun. Do you pronounce them Gif or Jif, like the peanutbutter?
Anywho, here's a little gif I had to do for the Lilla Rogers blog. As one of her artist you get a free little spot on her blog to link it to your site. yippee :) I still don't believe it. I feel super super lucky :)
I'd like to do some more animated gifs in the future. Or maybe some Vines. They are soooooo cool!
I have a major girl crush on Marlo Meekins. She's the queen of Vines right now. So gorgeous. AND she's a crazy good illustrator. gee whiz...

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Bee Brown said...

love these flickity flicks flickin' and movin' on my little blog roll! do just love your work Sarah and yay for you on Lillas blog too :-) x