New Prints on our etsy, Petit Reve!

Hey folks, we're getting back on the etsy train with some new prints. Hop on board with us! We also have some other top secret products cooking but mums the word right now. Stay tuned. For now we have spanish vikings...What?!, girls on horseback and bubble gum colored forest creatures! Hope you're having an awesome day and thanks for stopping by :)


Stasia Snellgrove said...

Amazing illustrations of vikings. You captured their look so well, Sarah. Plus, the color scheme you picked out looks amazing. You can never go wrong with green, right? Hahaha! Horsie Love is simply adorable. A lot more color is involved, but somehow the palette mixed so well and almost complimentary. Amazing work as usual! :)

Stasia Snellgrove @ ALB Image

S▲R▲H + C O L I N W▲L S H said...

Hi Stasia! Thx so much for your comments! I love that green color so much. Just a note, that illustration was done by my fellow illustrator husband Colin Walsh. Just wanna give credit where credits due. thx again!