2014 The year of the pattern

I love pattern. I'm a fabric hoarder, have way to many little spring dresses with floral prints and any little gift bag or tote with a fun pattern is hard not to buy. At the time, I feel like NEED it! I'm a junkie pretty much. Visual repetition is soothing to me...comforting yet exciting. There's a visual rhythm to it. Music for your eyes! That said, I'm REEEEEEALY excited to creatively participate in this addiction :) I've been wanting to sink my teeth into the surface design world for so long but never had time. I always lean toward characters, people and animals. And sometimes the occasional funky floral doodle. But this year that's it. Pattern? It's going to a focus of mine in 2014. I'm going to take the said things I love drawing and turn it into a surface design....play, mess around...see where it takes me. What's your creative focus for 2014?

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