Tree Pattern

The show, Treehouse Masters, has inspired me to push the idea of what treehouses look like...
I love incorporating "modern style" houses into my treehouse illustrations. I look forward to 
building a modern treehouse someday for our little dood, Finley...©olin


Exciting stuff!

There are so many exciting creative things happening in the future that I have to keep on the down low. It's so hard! I wanna explode!!!!! Right now you'll have to settle for this awkwardly happy girl who felt like saying hi. She looks like she might have a boyish scratchy but likable voice like Demi Moore or something. Although too bad Demi isn't that likable anymore. Didn't she get all wack with Ashton during the divorce after he was a good dad to another daddy babies kids? I'll have to consult with my hen house cashier buddy, Patty on that to get the full scoop. Anywho, have a good one.  Cause this day will never happen again :)


That baby head smell.....

We've been busy!!!!!! The past 2 months are hard to describe with actual words. But here are a few anyway. I'm so proud, happy, tired, inspired, thankful...in awe.. The list goes on. We had our sweet Finley Oliver on Friday, September 13. What a lucky day indeed contrary to some superstitious folk. We've been in a little  baby bubble and now it's time to peek our head out and see what the rest of the world is up to! As far as creative endeavors we temporarily closed our shop but we will open it back up soon and also have LOTS of new projects to share in the upcoming months :)