Image 22/Book Of Blessings

Mondays don't have to be so well..Monday-ish...If I'm up to it I try to look at it as a fresh start for the week. That makes me feel better about leaving the weekend behind because a new one will be there before I know it. Sometimes ;) 


My little Surtex ad for the inter webs

This past month has been CRAY to the ZAY folks. I mean like crazy town crazy. How does life get that jam packed????? Half of the action was due to Surtex prep and creating this little christmas collection of mine. I just love animals and magical little houses and the woods...Here is another little snippet of it. I posted my actual banner design a few posts before. Because I'm brain dead from creating all of it I have no gas left to give it a creative and clever name....but that's ok. Maybe it will speak for itself. Maybe this chubby gnome has a clever idea...


Sunny days ahead

Image 20/Book Of Blessings by Runing Press. If you're having a not so great day sometimes a walk and just being outside on a sunny day can change your mood instantly!


My Surtex Banner!!!!!

I am beyond pumped about this years Surtex show. This year my new work focuses on an animal and gnome inhabited forest town. I've been missing the forest and wildlife lately and totally envy anyone within walking distance to woodlands and dense nature so I tried to channel that. It's greeting card and gift wrap based but the images could lend themselves to many other different formats. The crazy exciting news is that my hubs and I are actually going this year!!! I'd love to meet you in person if you are at the show Monday and Tuesday. I'll be at booth 517 sharing the space with some amazing artists and the incredible Lilla Rogers Studio crew. Hope to see you there!


When everything feels like too much...

I'll be honest, life feels a bit intense right now. So many worries and concerns...life stuff, work stuff, money stuff...as an adult we all have those feelings of being overwhelmed. During our day we may pass a stranger here and there on an errand or at work...etc...Most of the time we'll never know what kind of struggles they may be dealing with. Those of us lucky enough to have friends and family to lean on during those tough times are just that...really lucky. I feel grateful for my peeps today...for being there for my struggles and for whatever their struggles or conquests are? I'm thinking good thoughts for them as well. Image 19/Book of Blessings-SW


Cheese and wineszzzz

Image 18 of Running Press's Book of Blessings. So I might have had too much of all this last night. And the night before...but it was fun :)-SW


Spring really is here

I hope it doesn't snow aneeeeeee more. But some folks don't plant things til Mother's Day. I guess that's the super safe zone. I don't know if I can wait that long. Representing spring in full force here's image 16/Book of Blessings by running Press, illustrated by yours truly-SW

Image 17/Book of Blessings

Today was gorgeous. I'm feeling grateful!


Image 15, Book Of Blessings

I really miss the farmer's market and can't wait to bring our little guy there to try all the fresh and healthy foods. This page in the book was definitely inspired by that.


Quaint Cottage

Image 13/Book Of Blessings by Running Press. I want to go to there....right now.....One of the coolest things about drawing is that it can transport you to another place. I dream of one day living near the woods so we can go on long walks....

Tiny Mouse

Image 12/Book of Blessings by Running Press Miniature editions. This little mouse is harvesting is little wheat crop! He could eat off that one germ of wheat for a week!