The birthday cake missed the party bus!

This was my first e-card that I did about 8 months ago...I think...Still learning the ins and outs of flash but I'm getting there :) I'm late for a lot of things....even when I get up really early!! How is that??!!! Check out other e-cards at Hallmark.com.
ps. I'm having difficulty with sounds. There's some compression issues :( But I'll figure it out.


Little Notebooks are AWESOME!

So I got a new moleskin planner for christmas and I love it. It now has me addicted to tiny notebooks with rounded off corners. I was on the supa' cool blog Modern Craft and I stumbled upon The Field Notes Shop post they did back in October. So freakin' cute. http://fieldnotesbrand.com/shop/ Their site is designed really cool. I will NEVER EVER stop loving the typeface Futura. EVER. I also think I like my sketches more when there in a cool notebook. I swear it's all psychological....


leftovers from 2009

Not sure what to do with lady. I never draw this realistic. Maybe i'll do more abstract studies of her....Or layer some interesting elements over the line work.
she kinda looks like Amy Adams :)


My Bf turned me on to a more than cool event that happens every other Sunday night called Dr. Sketchy. Burlesque girls and interesting peeps alike gather and draw, drink...chat about art or not....and the atmosphere is inspiring. If none of the models inspire you to pick up a pen, there's a mix of random objects laying to draw as well while super cool music fills the air. I like it. Here's my fave sketch I did last night.
Dolly Du Maul and Bijou Merlot were their stage names. Pretty fun :)


Fantastic Mr. Fox is Awesome!!!

Wes Anderson is a freakin. genius. Thanks to my better than good pal Mimi, for recommending this movie to us while it was still in the theater. My mon cherie and I saw this last night and we loved it so much we rushed home to paint and doodle. I couldn't help but be one tracked and paint..ugh...foxes :)
Ps. It's only running at one theater right now so catch while you can. AMC Ward Parkway theater...