Marker Fumes = happy fun time with fluttery butterflies :)

I've been working mostly in black and white for over 5 months now because of a very special and exciting project which I will share with you in September. But as excited as I am about this now done project, the lack of color in my work in combination with the fact that it's been grey as heck outside is killing me. And when it snows it gets dirty.....blech. The magic of Christmas is long gone, new years resolutions have already failed....This time of year is hard for a lot of people. And why wouldn't it be?? We need spring! We need fresh air! WE need nature! WE need motivation. Color is a big motivator for me. It always has been. So I've been obsessed with markers....an easy and accessible color tool. My other obsession lately is obviously flowers, animals and plant. Below is the marker study and then the finished piece. Oops, what do you know, a little grey got in there :)-Sarah W.