Gouache Study

Feelin' rusty and need to get back to just drawing and painting. When all else fails I  LOVE to mindlessly doodle flowers.



This is another piece I did for DRAW WHAT YOU DIG. I've always loved the word haberdashery and Paul Rand has always inspired me with his playful letter forms, shapes and simple characters. What a genius he was! My professor in college met him and I think she had a tiny crush on him ever since.



Poptopia is one of the coolest shops that Kansas City has. They recently had a local toy competition and the winner received a $50 Poptopia gift certificate. Sadly we didn't win but we really got hooked on toy making!
Presenting Brion the bear lion and Peggy Sue aka Minty Kid


Dr. Sketchy-fied

A few studies of Tomahawk Tassles...the timely burlesque model at Dr. Sketchys on Sunday night. Tassles was chatty and wouldn't sit still for the most part but WOW...was she curvy. I mean...her waist was so small and then her booty was like "badow"! I was seriously considering having a few of my ribs removed or maybe have some of my chub from my midsection transplanted to my butt. Either way she was fun to draw because her "cartoon like" proportions. Fun was had by all and I'm glad I didn't poop out on you Colin ;) cause' it's hard to get motivated on a Sunday night sometimes.


Midnight Shenanigans

I can't take credit for the name. I think my fiance nailed it. This dude isn't spinning any evil on his dark stormy unicorn, but he is alas....up to some mischief. I did this piece for our art show DRAW WHAT YOU DIG back in September. Why does that seem so freakin' long ago??!!!! November? What???!!!


Alter Ego

We all have one....What's yours? Mine seems to be an ape yeti guy. After seeing a drawing of him my dear friend said to me..."That's you!" and I said "Wow...ya know what, you're right. It totally is." There you have it......the most interesting/shortest story you've heard *_* Anyway....it's fun to think of what some of the reoccurring characters we draw represent to us....sub-consciously.
On a side note, a friend bought this piece at our most recent art fair and her son liked it so much he brought it to show-n-tell at school. Honestly that is one pf the coolest compliments EVER :) for realz. Ty, this blog is a shot out to you and your cool mom :)


The Flower Machine

Long time, no post. I've been a busy bee but wanted to share this with ya'. It's a screen print I did a little bit ago. It's part of an internal show that went up this week at Hallmark. I'm excited to trade some posters with other peeps!


Hip-Hip Etsy Treasury from IttyBitty

Long time no blog.....Welp, I have a good excuse. I've been making art for a gallery show, throwing a bridal shower and prepping for a HUGE art fair at Hallmark Corporation. In the near future I'll start to plan the wedding of myself and my best bud in the world but one thing at a time :) Click on Itty Bitty to view the rest of the treasury on Etsy. The Weanie Roast made it in :) All her choices have the yummiest color palette. I LOVE the plates from the netherlands she put in there. But wow, shipping is ooh wee! a lot. And Chelsea makes these adorable head bands that you wanna eat because they look like candy! And there's a unicorn in the background. That doesn't hurt. Check out her blog too.
Thanks Chelsea!


Art Show: September 3rd. YEAH!

My fiance (i've been saying beyonce) designed this for our show that's coming up. I'm SOOOOOOO excited!!!! Such a talented bunch. A few of us smacked our heads together and came up with the idea of each artist doodling on a letter and then that would be the signage for the show as well as the poster. I think it came out great. If you're in KC hope to see you there!



Good stuff hap-nen'

Big BIG news.... August 7 my best friend asked me to marry him. We've been on goo island ever since. We have so many fun projects we wanna work on together starting with our show in September and just going on and on. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Also, this weekend Michel and I rolled out some new product at Artilicious and also made some new friends too! We made little paper mobiles and sewed candle cozies with our own artwork printed on the fabric. Michel sewed her butt off and i'm so proud of her!


P is fo' Pattern...

What's new with you? The summer is in the melty slow motion phase and peeps, myself included, are getting summer grumps. But I gotta keep movin'. Lovely fall will be here soon....Anyway,new work/product is coming up! TONS! An art/craft fair called Artilicious (August 14), my first gallery show with my BF Colin and many other friends called DRAW WHAT U DIG (September 3), and Art Unleashed (August 27?). Fun fabric product, some paintings, transfers and more :) I'm printing some of the designs on fabric with my trusty ol' Epson R1900. This printer is a clydesdale I swear. I've been planning on using Spoonflower for other stuff but my buddy Flora said that they're 3 weeks behind so I may have to print it all on my bud Epstein because I'm not the BEST time planner. Stay tuned!


Bookmarks for sale :)

Michel and I had a good time making these. These goofy animals actually make me wanna read :)
Available at Petit Reve.


Gentlemen in Teal/Gouache

He's a guy who's misunderstood. He likes chic flicks and White Zin but who would know by the looks of him.

Siamese Brides

Did this last week. I have a gallery show Septemeber 3rd with my bf Colin Walsh and many other talented artists. STILL don't know EXACTLY what I'm going to do yet but I have some ideas. It's our first gallery show together or ever for that matter. I'm trying to "play" more and just see what happens :) Hopefully my play will lead to some cool things.


Lump in me' throat!

I found this amazing animation on my buddy Andrea's blog Fly.It actually almost made me cry. I'm a bonafide sap but this is an amazing story and people like Kakenya Ntaiya inspire me so much. The courage people have in order to truly make a change in the world truly blows my mind. My hat is off to all involved in this special piece of work. Directed by Aaron Kisner and Pistachios. Music by Dan Radlauer. Produced by Blacklist. via african digital art.

PISTACHIOS - Kakenya from POCKO on Vimeo.


Pikaland is AWESOME!!!!

Amy from Pikaland invited me to be part of the Pikaland Package Project.
It was super fun and I'm so glad I did it :) Although I did NOT take any pictures of any of stuff I sent her!!!! duh.....For every project Amy also does a zine with artist interviews. I'm not sure if she did the artwork for the cover but it's super cute.
"The PikaPackage project is a fun marketing tool and swap meet for illustrators who are currently selling their wares online."-Amy from Pikaland. There’s a giveaway http://pikaland.com/ and also very limited edition packages for sale in the shop!


Afro Dude

He's a bit worried....maybe he smells a funny odor but can't figure out where it's coming from...or maybe his dog had an accident on a piece of furniture...hmmmmm.



Just can't seem to get a blog flow goin'. So freakin' busy at the day job. I'm working on some stuff I'm not at liberty to share yet...but when I do it's going to hopefully be pretty exciting :) But here's a few words to tease you with if everything I've been working on doesn't blow up in a puff of smoke because of corporate silliness. Ready? In all caps...TWEEN GIRLS, CRAYOLA and CHARACTERS. That's all I can say until next time.
For now here's a preview of some new Petit Reve stuff coming up :)


Ever heard of that band Coldmay?

Ya know...I just couldn't help it...What can i say? I'm a sucker for bad puns.
Here in Kansas City it's a blustery May so far...But I like weather like this for the most part to be honest. It's gonna be face melting hot soon enough so I'm just going with the flow. Petit Reve has been busy with Art on the Hill and making stuff for the Pikaland package but I miss bloggin'. So I'm gonna get back on the pony and just have some fun.


Le Pepper Spray

If only Little Red had Mace when she was being attacked by the Big Ol'Wolf. She'd still be alive today, sportin' her chic little hoodie, ready to have some tea with grandma.


Quirk Party Invite

Quirk, a local kc mag asked me to do their 2nd issue launch party. They love dinosaurs. Cool! So do I :)

A leetle bit o' sunshine :)

I've been awarded the sunshine award by Kelly and Bee, 2 great bloggers with great artwork! So I'm passing on the love to 12 peeps who blog some good stuff out there on the internets. Thanks Ladies!
1. Colin Walsh
2. Jeanee
3. Nate And Sam
4. Hihicaro
5. Minifafan
6. Andrea
7. Flora
8. Heather
9. Miss J
10. Brad
11. Michel
12. Tricia
And the rules arrrrreeeee...drum roll please?
1. Thank the person who gave it to you.
2. Copy the logo and place in on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you.
4. Pass it along to 12 other people.



This is one of my fave animation shorts of all time. So charming and sweet. It's really inspiring.

It was made by Julia Pot, an animator and illustrator working in London. Recent clients include E4, Picasso Pictures, Sherbet, Etsy, Malibu Rum, Picador, The Decemberists, Bat for Lashes and Casiotone for the Painfully Alone. She's part of the collective Treat Studios, you can see more of their work here: http://www.treatstudios.com
I've recently received 2 sunshine awards from my talented blog buddies Kelly and Bee so my next post will be some sunshine award action to pass along the good juju so stay tuned. Thanks guys!:) Julia made a bit o' sunshine when she created "My First Crush" because it makes me happy everytime I watch it!


Sketchy Gents

I did these guys awhile back in my little gouache notebook during a Dr. Sketchy. Wouldn't want to run into them in a dark alley I tell ya! I'd like to play around with adding a teeny tiny bit of color somewhere. But not much. A wee splash o' red maybe.


hoo! hoo!

My fellow illustrator internet buddy Kelly told me about this blog called My Owl Barn that posted about Petit Reve and the Kooky Birds print. It's very flattering as they have posted some of the coolest owls I've seen thus far. Seeing her e-mail titled "Yay You!" and the actual post was a nice way to end the day! So thanks to Kelly and My Owl Barn!!!! And Yay for the both of you :)


Ru Paul would be proud..maybe?

At the Hammerpress/ I love you Shop party a few weeks back we got some snaps taken by a lovely girl named Jessie. She has a fashion blog where she takes pics of everyday stylish girls rocking unique style. She is also co-creator of an awesome local mag called Quirk. Here's a link. The Concrete Catwalk

I feel a bitty chinny but Michel looks adorable!!!


Petit Reve at Art on the Hill :)

Art on the Hill is coming up! Sandy, my lovely co-worker and friend puts this on every year with her husband. They make really cool Birdhouses together.I think my bf is going to sell his T's and prints there too. This is our first time participating in it. Let's hope the weather is lovely :) They blog about each artist right up until the event. Today they did one about us.
Art on the Hill: Petit Reve (Sarah Anderson)
Here's one of Colin's awesome T's.


Girl heads Doodle

I love doodling girls. Always have. Pattern is something I've been thinking about lately. I used to do so much of it when I designed and illustrated kids cards. Now I'm pattern deficient. Wah... Maybe these guys could be a fun pattern?....hmm. My brain hurts. Eh....Just doodling for now :)




Here's some pics of the final packaging for the brooches. I'm pretty happy with it but packaging is tricky. There's so many fun things you could do. In the end I just kept it simple. Now I'm ready to move on and make some more fun prints!!!!


I'm a hustler

Welp, self promotion isn't my fave thing but if I want Petit Reve to flourish, flourish Michel all the way to France, then that's what I gotta do. So...in that respect, this week has been exciting for P Rev. We are in 2 Kansas City stores now! The first is Hammerpress, a highly respected and adored letterpress company with an awesome barber shoppe dead smack in the middle of it. We're very grateful to Amber, Lindsay and Brady (the guy behind it all).
The second store is Bon Bon Atelier, a lovely store containing some of the cutest stuff in Kc. It's run by 2 super cool sisters, Emily and Betsy. Thanks so much ladies!

Here's Michel my bell next to our wares :)

supportive bf Colin and friends


More brooches

MAN...Why is brooch spelled that way? I just can't get over it. But I need to. broooooooch...BROACH. That's how it sounds. Ah..english. Oy. That looks like ROACH. yuk :P Anyway, here are 2 more brooch sketches. The whole gang will be up on Etsy soon with some fun packaging. Sir Hedgefield and Sweet Uni. I tweaked his Mane a bit so It would be more interesting now that he's just a head/God Father style ;)
Shrinky Dinks are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!! SO fun!!!!