Alter Ego

We all have one....What's yours? Mine seems to be an ape yeti guy. After seeing a drawing of him my dear friend said to me..."That's you!" and I said "Wow...ya know what, you're right. It totally is." There you have it......the most interesting/shortest story you've heard *_* Anyway....it's fun to think of what some of the reoccurring characters we draw represent to us....sub-consciously.
On a side note, a friend bought this piece at our most recent art fair and her son liked it so much he brought it to show-n-tell at school. Honestly that is one pf the coolest compliments EVER :) for realz. Ty, this blog is a shot out to you and your cool mom :)


Brad said...

hmmm yeah that is an interesting concept. i dont really have a character that i keep drawing, i wish i did because it would be much easier for me to come up with a logo!

love the ape yeti guy he is rad!

Das Affenmonster said...

I like it too!

bee said...

Hey! Nice to see you back in bloggy land :D I love this ape yeti dude, he's got a tonne of character... I wanna hug him, is that weird?!

Sarah Anderson-fan of doodling said...

you guys leave the most thoughtful and entertaining comments :)
Thank you so much!