Girl faces are back.

Doodling without JUDGEMENT is definitely challenging for me. Not that this is the best doodle ever but I did experience a nice stream of visual consciousness. I did have to digitally fix the counter of the "o" because it looked like a cat butt though :O


hexagons are awesome

I love the shape. Can't get enough. My dining room table is white so I wanted a dose of color for it and had the idea for a little hex-y doilie to go under my centerpiece. I'm not done yet but it's a really easy project. I found a decent "how to" video on youtube and voila'!


a lady...

I drew awhile back that I've always liked. She seems content. And might I add she's full figured. Hey, ain't nothing wrong with alittle junk in the trunk.


shakin' off the dust...

and makin' dudes....I've been super busy. But here are some random "men" I drew today...while I should've been doing something else. eh hem...I was listening...with my ears..I swear! My mind and my eyes were busy making awkward drawings of effeminate men. You can probably figure out the first one I did. He's a girl with a mustache pretty much. ALTHOUGH...I think the last dude I drew is pretty grizzly and manly. (lower right) Maybe? I dunno...He's french and chain smokes..yeah, that's it. I mean...drawing dudes is hard if your not a dude. So I find the challenge refreshing. I can make girl faces all day but to be honest, I find it rather boring these days. Anyway...here they are.