Work hard, play hard

Image 11/Book of Blessings. Good food, good wine, and most importantly good company. Hope your weekend was filled with at least one of the three if not all! ~SW


Oh Happy Day

Image 10/Book Of Blessings. A picnic for little ones, juice box's and all. Although a tad chilly it's a beautiful day to be in Kanas City. 


Collage Flower

Image 9/Book of Blessings. a paper collage flower symbolizing spring. I love using craft paper, newspaper and gouache together.


Queen For a Day

Image 8/Book of Blessings. Crowns are really fun to draw. YOu get the basic shape and the rest is up for interpretation. Same with musical instruments. The trumpet is tooting because it's Friday!


Spring Time Eskimos

Image 6/ Book Of Blessings
The snows gotta melt sooner or later. This is for my east coast homies. Spring is coming! Hang in there guys. This is one of my favorite pages because Alaska and the eskimo culture is so interesting to me. The furs are so beautiful and the people have this rugged yet gentle beauty about them.

Farm life

Image 7/ Book of Blessings
My Dad has a little farm in Connecticut and I grew up visiting him in the summertime. He had cows and chickens and even a milk cow named Betty. I would feed her the molasses oat blend from a barrel with a big scoop. I still love that smell to this day. Thanks for that pleasant memory Dad :)



Exploding Hearts

Image 4/ Book Of Blessings. This weekend was so fun....I spent it mostly with my little family minus one (daughter is in Chicago). The weather was beautiful. Funny thing is..we had to go to the laundromat to get a futon cover cleaned and we even had fun there! It was an adventure for our little Finley which is just the coolest thing. It's these simple moments that fill my heart with the utmost joy. Hope you had a good weekend too and the weather was sunny for you :) ~SW


Flippy Flapjacks

Image 2/Book of Blessings. It's Saturday. The perfect day to get your flapjack on. I freaking love pancakes. And coffee runs through my veins...keeps my heart pumpin'...Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! ~SW


Book Of Blessings/75 Graces From Around The World

In the fall I illustrated a book called Book of Blessings for Running Press/Perseus and it will be out March 25! It's available on Amazon, most likely Barnes and Noble and hopefully cute mom and pop bookstores as well. I think one of my favorite things about this book is it's size. It's 2.9 x 3.4 inches. I just can't take it. So tiny! Anyway, in honor of spring I'll post a page from the book each day for the next 30 days because I'm REALLY grateful for getting through the winter and seeing little buds on the trees. This book touches on just that, feeling grateful and content with what you have. Through age old proverbs and prayers from all around the world it sends a message of enjoying the simple things in life like good food, nature and the people you love. Pretty neat. Below is the first page I'm sharing. Sometime soon I will also be selling some of the images in my Etsy shop along with some possible tote bags. Stay tuned!



Rejection + Hurt Ego = Fun Self Promotion Piece!

So at the end of 2014 I scored a kick ass magazine cover gig from one of the coolest international mags ever. I'm a HUGE fan of this magazine I shall not nameth. After I submitted my piece and all was said and done I get an e-mail a month later from a very heart broken and nice AD  that they chose a different cover AFTER it was approved....and I was mad. And a tad bit bummed. She went to bat for me but sometimes that's just how the pancakes flops....on the floor...and then your dog eats it. So after I got over my mild rage ;) I decided I was glad I did the piece and thought it would make a fun self promo piece! We gotta roll with the punches in this free-lancin', free-stylin' bizzzz sometimes. This is part of the process of building thick skin, which is pretty much necessary for survival in the independent artist world. Hey, ya never know, maybe, just maybe I can get another shot at working with this awesome mag in the future and the pancake might flop in my favor :) 
~Sarah W.

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