my first unicorn poo post evah...

i'm nervous. my fingers are trembling. my pits are sweaty. nah... i really don't sweat.no but seriously....i've never done my very own blog so i am alittle timid. but...it seems mam's and gram's and all things with posable thumbs are capable of blogging. so here i go. I decided to do it hoping it would motivate me to draw more. Some of my posts will have witty dialogue and when i'm too lazy for that or have no personality i may just post my sketches with caveman grunts. so...watch out world. You need another art blog and it's called Unicorn Poo!!!!

this is for the sonic spectrum anniversary party april 26th. peep it. http://www.myspace.com/sonicspectrum
it's one of the best radio shows out there. and he's my boo...ss was also nominated for a plug award this year!!!! i'm really proud.
anyway...i could do thumbnails forever. lately i've been hard up to make creative decisions. rm likes the top hat and actually, so do i. it was one of the last scribbles i did. that be da one.