Sketchy Gents

I did these guys awhile back in my little gouache notebook during a Dr. Sketchy. Wouldn't want to run into them in a dark alley I tell ya! I'd like to play around with adding a teeny tiny bit of color somewhere. But not much. A wee splash o' red maybe.


hoo! hoo!

My fellow illustrator internet buddy Kelly told me about this blog called My Owl Barn that posted about Petit Reve and the Kooky Birds print. It's very flattering as they have posted some of the coolest owls I've seen thus far. Seeing her e-mail titled "Yay You!" and the actual post was a nice way to end the day! So thanks to Kelly and My Owl Barn!!!! And Yay for the both of you :)


Ru Paul would be proud..maybe?

At the Hammerpress/ I love you Shop party a few weeks back we got some snaps taken by a lovely girl named Jessie. She has a fashion blog where she takes pics of everyday stylish girls rocking unique style. She is also co-creator of an awesome local mag called Quirk. Here's a link. The Concrete Catwalk

I feel a bitty chinny but Michel looks adorable!!!


Petit Reve at Art on the Hill :)

Art on the Hill is coming up! Sandy, my lovely co-worker and friend puts this on every year with her husband. They make really cool Birdhouses together.I think my bf is going to sell his T's and prints there too. This is our first time participating in it. Let's hope the weather is lovely :) They blog about each artist right up until the event. Today they did one about us.
Art on the Hill: Petit Reve (Sarah Anderson)
Here's one of Colin's awesome T's.


Girl heads Doodle

I love doodling girls. Always have. Pattern is something I've been thinking about lately. I used to do so much of it when I designed and illustrated kids cards. Now I'm pattern deficient. Wah... Maybe these guys could be a fun pattern?....hmm. My brain hurts. Eh....Just doodling for now :)




Here's some pics of the final packaging for the brooches. I'm pretty happy with it but packaging is tricky. There's so many fun things you could do. In the end I just kept it simple. Now I'm ready to move on and make some more fun prints!!!!


I'm a hustler

Welp, self promotion isn't my fave thing but if I want Petit Reve to flourish, flourish Michel all the way to France, then that's what I gotta do. So...in that respect, this week has been exciting for P Rev. We are in 2 Kansas City stores now! The first is Hammerpress, a highly respected and adored letterpress company with an awesome barber shoppe dead smack in the middle of it. We're very grateful to Amber, Lindsay and Brady (the guy behind it all).
The second store is Bon Bon Atelier, a lovely store containing some of the cutest stuff in Kc. It's run by 2 super cool sisters, Emily and Betsy. Thanks so much ladies!

Here's Michel my bell next to our wares :)

supportive bf Colin and friends


More brooches

MAN...Why is brooch spelled that way? I just can't get over it. But I need to. broooooooch...BROACH. That's how it sounds. Ah..english. Oy. That looks like ROACH. yuk :P Anyway, here are 2 more brooch sketches. The whole gang will be up on Etsy soon with some fun packaging. Sir Hedgefield and Sweet Uni. I tweaked his Mane a bit so It would be more interesting now that he's just a head/God Father style ;)
Shrinky Dinks are A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!! SO fun!!!!