Girl heads Doodle

I love doodling girls. Always have. Pattern is something I've been thinking about lately. I used to do so much of it when I designed and illustrated kids cards. Now I'm pattern deficient. Wah... Maybe these guys could be a fun pattern?....hmm. My brain hurts. Eh....Just doodling for now :)


bee said...

ah your doodles are so NOT just doodles... they are amazing artworks! I love the girl at the top with feathers in her hair, and I love the way you've done the hair on the middle bottom girl... er that sounds a bit wrong... the girl in the centre of the bottom row :)
If you did create a pattern out of these awesome girls, they would be FAB on some fabric! Check this out:
or this:

Brad said...

really fantastic! each one so different and unique! great stuff!

Sarah Anderson-fan of doodling said...

u guys are just too much :) Thanks for the kind words, especially from such talented people! So nice...

Luke LaMarca said...

seriously... my face just exploded all over my computer from looking at these. SPLAT! These are the types of doodles that I see that kinda make me angry because they are so good. I hate you.
Just kidding, that was mean. I'm sure you are a lovely person.

These are super, super, super... I gotta go wash face guts off my stuff.

Karumen said...

these r sooo cute! :))