I'm a hustler

Welp, self promotion isn't my fave thing but if I want Petit Reve to flourish, flourish Michel all the way to France, then that's what I gotta do. So...in that respect, this week has been exciting for P Rev. We are in 2 Kansas City stores now! The first is Hammerpress, a highly respected and adored letterpress company with an awesome barber shoppe dead smack in the middle of it. We're very grateful to Amber, Lindsay and Brady (the guy behind it all).
The second store is Bon Bon Atelier, a lovely store containing some of the cutest stuff in Kc. It's run by 2 super cool sisters, Emily and Betsy. Thanks so much ladies!

Here's Michel my bell next to our wares :)

supportive bf Colin and friends


bee said...

Wooohooo!! How totally exciting! Congrats! Hmmm... first, a couple of shops.... next, the wooorrrlllllddd mmoohahahahaha! Well done :)

Sarah Anderson-fan of doodling said...

Thanks Bee :) I was eye balling your fox tote bag on Envelope. you are SOOOO talented! He shall be mine someday soon.

Miss J said...

this is so awesome! congrats on getting your stuff into shops! I love your shrinky-dink broaches (I agree - it should be spelled this way).