We're having a BABY!!!

HUGE NEWS!!!! This has been a hard secret to contain. Phew!!!!! So glad we can spill the beans.....
In about 6 months we will have a new member of our family. We are both excited and...well...terrified. But more excited! Colin and I are just realists so of course I'm going to be honest. If you bring a child into the world, raising him or her to be a decent human being is the hardest, most important and most rewarding task you'll ever do.We have one pretty awesome human under our belt so we have some experience. She's off to Chicago about to start college! One bird leaves the nest and another one flies in ;) What an exciting time :)


Apple sticker scream....

Produce stickers are tiny, industrious and fun so I felt compelled to do a quick doodle after finishing my delicious snack. When I finished I realized....yep, that's where I'm at. Feeling a little kooky these days and I'm just gonna just let it all out. I'm thinking ill eat more fruit so I can more doodles!


March is roaring....

roaring right by I say!!!!! It's already the 7th for crying out loud. What the heck???? I guess it's true what they say. As you get older time just flys. Good thing we're having fun :) Wow, I'm just full of cliche' sentiments right now. Anyway, just wanted to share this little buddy of a gouache study I did for a top secret animal project that Colin and I are really pumped about. We started it awhile back and then dropped the ball. Hopefully there will be no more ball dropping. I simply CANNOT have it! hmmph! This little guy below is actually going to a friend of mine who runs a lovely lovely lil' blog called because it's awesome. I freaking love that name so much. It makes me feel better for over using that word. Cause I do. She's having a little one soon and wanted it for her little future leo baby! 


Do you hear Sirens?

I honestly don't think I will EVER tire of drawing girls. It's just too fun for me. I get my ideas from a lot of different sources. For example, every girl that is special to me (friend and family) is so different and awesome in their own way. I really appreciate them for all the things that make them who they are. My daughter has an awesome gap between her two front teeth that I REFUSED to get fixed even though I was pressured many times by our dentist. It's one of the many things that makes her smile HER smile! She is is the MOST special & unique girl I know and I'm so proud of her. (not biased or anything ;) Fire Braids was definitely an ode to her pearly whites. Also, I like the idea that I can be different whenever I want. Change is inevitable. So if I feel like having green hair one day, instead of damaging my super fine hair, then getting sick of it a week later, I can just draw a girl with green hair instead!!!! So all of these thoughts are constantly brewing in my girly noggin'....Hence, the Siren Series. I just love that word Siren. It's kinda sexy, smart and powerful. And NOT perfect. We should all embrace the crap out of our imperfections because they are truly beautiful! Hope you enjoy these curious ladies. 
From top to bottom, Lotus Waves, Chai Swirl, Fore Braids and Magenta Topknot.


Monster Draw

Hey folks. Happy Saturday :) Hope your chilling out this afternoon.
So we did the Monster Draw Rally again and had a blast. This year it was part of KC Design Week, which was rad. So basically you have one hour to complete a piece of art and then it's auctioned off. This year the proceeds went to providing a design scholarship to a lucky somebody. It's a little intimidating to draw in front of folks but after awhile you get used to it. They also let you get a head start on the piece before the event. We met some really awesome peeps. A really sweet couple named Melissa and Craig bought my Peru piece but couldn't decide if they wanted it for their bedroom or their daughters. A fellow artist named Eric happened to be from Holland! He and a buddy won Colin's "fight" piece but decided to cut in half so he could took take his half back to Holland and his American bud could keep his here. They added their own layer to the piece with their willingness to divide it. Supah' artsy and supah' coo-el. Yah'! New friends from around da' werld!