Monster Draw

Hey folks. Happy Saturday :) Hope your chilling out this afternoon.
So we did the Monster Draw Rally again and had a blast. This year it was part of KC Design Week, which was rad. So basically you have one hour to complete a piece of art and then it's auctioned off. This year the proceeds went to providing a design scholarship to a lucky somebody. It's a little intimidating to draw in front of folks but after awhile you get used to it. They also let you get a head start on the piece before the event. We met some really awesome peeps. A really sweet couple named Melissa and Craig bought my Peru piece but couldn't decide if they wanted it for their bedroom or their daughters. A fellow artist named Eric happened to be from Holland! He and a buddy won Colin's "fight" piece but decided to cut in half so he could took take his half back to Holland and his American bud could keep his here. They added their own layer to the piece with their willingness to divide it. Supah' artsy and supah' coo-el. Yah'! New friends from around da' werld!

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Chris said...

What a creative way to spend the day and meet people and all toward a good cause. Good on ya both!