Rejection + Hurt Ego = Fun Self Promotion Piece!

So at the end of 2014 I scored a kick ass magazine cover gig from one of the coolest international mags ever. I'm a HUGE fan of this magazine I shall not nameth. After I submitted my piece and all was said and done I get an e-mail a month later from a very heart broken and nice AD  that they chose a different cover AFTER it was approved....and I was mad. And a tad bit bummed. She went to bat for me but sometimes that's just how the pancakes flops....on the floor...and then your dog eats it. So after I got over my mild rage ;) I decided I was glad I did the piece and thought it would make a fun self promo piece! We gotta roll with the punches in this free-lancin', free-stylin' bizzzz sometimes. This is part of the process of building thick skin, which is pretty much necessary for survival in the independent artist world. Hey, ya never know, maybe, just maybe I can get another shot at working with this awesome mag in the future and the pancake might flop in my favor :) 
~Sarah W.

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