New Blog, Old Blog

Have you ever had a to do list with things on it that just NEVER seem to get done? Yep....Well, I've been wanting to update our blog header forever. And I did it! Not that I didn't think I was the coolest person ever for having an animated pooping unicorn for a blog header. HOWEVER...eventually I'd like to start a new blog, using our actual names. One, to keep things simple. These days we all have so many accounts, passwords, alias names. It gets to be a bit much. I know I can hear some amen sistah's here. And Two, we are both working artists and it's important to get our real names out there in the art world. See, the thing is, we have some ideas cooking but until we have time to fully bake them we're gonna enjoy a little more unicorn poo ;) So, I thought for now, a new header would be a good middle ground. The yeti and the unicorn illo are originally from wedding invite and I thought it was the perfect, quick way to update MY blog to OUR blog.
So, for our "first"post I thought it appropriate to share our hard work from the wedding. Here are all the panels from our invite.  I cannot believe it's been a year and four months already. And that I haven't posted this invite until now. It was a 3 panel un-folder filled with illustration and info for our wedding guests.  It was a HUGE undertaking and because we didn't kill each other in the process, in addition to also planning a wedding, we thought...wow, maybe we could actually work together creatively!

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