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Hello good folks of the world. It's been awhile. We have been so busy it feels as if we're planning another wedding. A kid graduating high school/getting ready for college, a kid getting ready to be born/remodeling our basement so we have a studio to work in because this little kid will need a room upstairs and then in addition to family stuff many many freelance blessings and happenings....
WOW! Are we lucky but MAN, it's a lot to take in at once. It's just kinda happened that way so we have to go with the flow and count our lucky stars :) We are doing our best to manage it all and make sure we soak in the amazing moments. That said, a blog will get mighty dusty whilst life is happening :) But we are never too busy to thank people that promote our work without even being requested to.
There is sooooo much good stuff out there so to be written about by an amazing blogger is always a treat. Wanna give a shot out to Tokyo Bunnie for choosing us! Thank you for your lovely feature of our work. We really appreciate it!

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