Alexander the Great

Toys," said Alexander Girard, "represent a microcosm of man's world and dreams; they exhibit fantasy, imagination, humor and love." Yes, this is one of many reasons why I identify with this artist. He had such a unique vision and his passions flowed into his work. Rumor has it that his textiles were all over some of the offices in Hallmark back in the day. Where is my time machine?
According to DWR, "Part decorative object and part toy, the Wooden Dolls were originally created for Girard's own use. He also may have planned their distribution through the "Textiles & Objects Shop" in New York City, which he operated for Herman Miller from 1961 to 1963. This mixed group of figures, some cheerful and others stern, is now being introduced in a special edition series based on documents and originals in the Alexander Girard Archive of the Vitra Design Museum. Available to purchase for $180 a pop at DWR. sigh....If you ever go to Santa Fe, New Mexico and you're a Girard fan you need to go to the International Folk Art Museum. During the Thanksgiving holiday my buddy Stephanie took a bunch of us stranded Hallmarkers home with her one year to New Mexico and her sweet grandmother lived in Santa Fe. We all decided to visit the museum and had a blast. I also fell backwards in my collapsable chair during dinner so yeah.....some unforgettable memories :)-S.W.

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Nicky Ovitt said...

Nice post, Sarah! so much great stuff going on for you. CONGRATS! I practically grew up in the Museum of International Folk Art... my mom was a curator there for years and it's truly a magical place.