a few more posters...

Last fall Softee did a gig in the middle of Kansas for a LARGE group of girls scouts. Yes...girl scouts, outdoors at a place called Camp Starwoods. And I will never forget it. It was a very magical experience. Those girl scouts were good kids. They gave us hugs and made us sign their foreheads, their frisbees, you name it. They were inspired to see 4 girls get up and play rock and roll..ok..pop. but still...And in turn, we were inspired by their youth and energy. The Girl Scouts in Kansas were merging their groups to one big mega group of honorable do-gooders and wanted to throw a huge party to celebrate which they called "Make New Friends" of course. And so we did.
Here are the posters that each Softee designed in honor of the occasion.


Cat said...

Hello Sarah-
My name is Cat Poland with the Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland. I came across your blog entry about your concert for us back in Oct. 07 Unfortunately I wasn't here for that, but I've checked out some of your stuff and it's really good! I'm also really liking your illustrations, and was wondering if you may be interested in freelancing a couple of projects with us. You can e-mail me at cpoland@kansasgirlscouts.org. Hope to hear from you soon.

maura said...

this is so cool! ha! sounds like a lot of fun :) i really like the posters you each did, too. very fun!!