More Art Unleashed

A couple more pieces I did for Art Unleashed. These guys sold for a good little bit o' change along with the unicorn twins. My friends and I went to the event and Boy....was it crowded. They used to have quite a spread of food...I could almost use the word feast...yes..feast...it was awesome. But now they just have peeps walking around with trays instead. Well..hey..if your hungry and coming right from work...you're in for some animal behavior. It was funny to see people waiting in the key spots where the waiters would come out with the food. the tray would be empty in seconds. My daughter and I almost jumped a dude with chipotle burritos because we were so hungry. We got our grub and the event made lots of $$$ for the sweet and gentle animals of KC. Let's hope some of the adorable dogs they had there got adopted too.

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