Petit Reve is in biz-nizzzzzzz :)

Holy Mackerel...we finally got some stuff up in the shop!!!! Spread the word, good people of the internets :)
I think my fave print is the one of our dog Wolfie...Michel really captured his personality.



Kelly Medina said...

Hi Sarah,

What a great selection. I already know one that I am getting (LOVE IT!). YOu going to be adding more up soon though?

Congrats on a great looking shop! :)


Sarah Anderson-fan of doodling said...

Wow! Thanks Kelly :)
Yes, we're adding more very soon. I've been experimenting with some different product ideas...But we could make prints all day long.
So easy and fun!
Thanks a lot for your kind words!

BEE said...

I LOVE that bird print! Awesome colours and what an adorably quirky selection of birds hehe! Good stuff :D

Weng Pixin said...

The bird print is SO SO LOVELY!

Sarah Anderson-fan of doodling said...

Wow! Thanks guys. I'm so happy I came across both YOUR blogs because your art is FANTASTIC!!! So thank you for the compliments.

Brad said...

oh my these doodles are AWESOME! love those owls!

Flor Larios Art said...

Great birds...love them all!

Sarah Anderson-fan of doodling said...

hey thanks so much Flor Larios!!!

Abz said...

wow, even cooler!!

Francisco Martins said...

Wow, soo cool! love this! :)