I was so honored when Design Ranch asked me to design the cover of KU Medical & Science Magazine because the cover story floored me. I balled after I was finished, like hard. The article is about a woman named Kathy Davis and the extremely sick or terminally ill children at KU. Kathy is their teacher, their mentor, their rock. Someone who helps their family get through the tough spots like surgery or donor issues etc. Someone who is a huge presence in helping their parents with the grieving process if the child passes away, an experience I can't even imagine. I am so thin skinned and don't know how the people in the medical field do it. I'm too sensitive...That's why I do what I do. So how does an artist capture something so inspiring yet sad yet also hopeful? It was tough. But to me, Kathy provides these folks with stability and comfort. But she doesn't ever forget these are children and at the core of every child there is an innate desire to have fun..to be light. To be a kid :) So I drew a tree because Kathy provides them with stability in a scary roller coaster world. She also provides fun, lightness and hope so I made clouds for it's leaves. I made the children happy and light because if they had it their way, that's how I think they'd want to feel. I hope I did this story justice because it's nothing short of amazing. And I just can't my hug my kids hard enough right now. Read the full story here :)

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