Blooms of Nigeria

I listen to NPR in my kitchen while puttering, cooking or feeding my little one and I have truly lost count of how many times a lump grew in my throat as a sad story would unfurl on my radio.  I usually change the channel because I feel helpless so why torture myself. What can I do? The latest sad story involves 300 nigerian girls being kidnapped. For what?! My imagination betrays me.....As a mom, my heart breaks for the parents of these girls. IT's ever parents nightmare. What's up with men who do these horrific things in the world? How do they sleep at night? Or look in the mirror when they get ready for the day? Their evil, gross day....If they were American girls would they have already been found? I dunno....Many questions cross my mind. Here is an article about the latest findings. 
As I drowned in my sad feelings and overwhelming thoughts of anger, Artist Rebecca Bradley decided to do something about it and now she's gotten a bunch of other artists to do something too...It might not change the situation but it's putting something positive into the world. An energy...And sometimes that has to be enough. Just think if EVERY SINGLE PERSON in the world did that.
Anyway, Rebecca created a blog called Blooms of Nigeria where a flower for every missing girl resides so that we may bring awareness to this situation.
Here is my flower for sweet Laraba. 

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