Saying see ya later, not good bye!

One of my bestest bestest friends and her awesome husband who has become like a brother to me, is moving away to Beaufort, South Carolina.  We've all been through a lot together. It's really quite hard to sum it up with words how I feel. I've been in denial about them leaving because I'm happy for them really. And because I don't want to properly deal with my emotions yet! I know them moving is the right thing to do. So I kick my sad feelings to the curb and when I have a private moment I pick them up off the street and nurse them quietly.....SOB!....That said, I've been pretty busy and don't have time to perfect the movements of this little giffy pop. The action is quiet and barely noticeable. Maybe it's a metaphor on how huge changes just kinda sneak up on you! Love ya to pieces Meems and Spence! 

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