Black and Whites!

After doing 3 coloring books for Quarry/Rockport (that are coming out in September and I CANNOT WAIT to share) I realized how much I loved doing just black and white art. In the beginning of the project I struggled because I'm such a fan of color. But then the doodle aspect of it became therapeutic! In February I completed all 90 pages of the coloring books and since then I really miss it. In my spare time/ha! I've decided to dedicate a little Tumblr specifically any B & W artwork I have time for. Here's the link to see more! http://sarahwalshsblackandwhites.tumblr.com/


Anonymous said...

I so love your work! First saw it in the flow magazine of my girlfriend and we started searching the web for your stuff :-) i have followed you on instagram and bloglovin for your updates :-)

With kind regards,


S▲R▲H + C O L I N W▲L S H said...

aw shucks Tim! Thx a million. and thx for following my too. have a great day!