Where the sweet things are...

If I had a nickel for every time I got teary eyed at some youtube video or news story I'd be rich.
Any who, a buddy of mine shared this with me and I just loved it. But alas, no nickel. The bringer of tears was a Maurice Sendak interview done by NPR's Terry Gross. It's just so real. Anyone who draws for a living has heard of or is a fan of Maurice Sendak. Obviously we've been inspired by him as well. And so a fan/fellow artist Christopher Niemann takes this interview and pays homage to his hero with simple but sweet pencil line animation. What makes Maurice Sendak so special? I think it's because he gets right to heart of the youngsters human condition with a child like innocence. And for those of us who haven't lost touch with our  "inner kid", we can still relate to it as well. His unique perspective only gets richer as he ages. And as far as how vain we can all can be as we grimace at our wrinkles in the mirror...(or at least I do) Well...your right Mr. Sendak, getting older is a blessing, not a bummer.

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