Super Fun Family Portrait Commission

Helloooo. How are ya today? Enjoying your Saturday afternoon so far? I just had waffles and bacon so I'm swell :) I'm also really excited to share a project we finished right before Christmas that we've been too busy to share until now! It was another commission from the lovely designer Jennifer Bertrand. I should mention she is debuting an internet radio show about design and other musings. Pretty cool. She asked us to do a family portrait for her lovely friend Violet. Her husband is none other than Frank Black from the Pixies. WHAT???!!! Of course we freaked out and then said yes. Then freaked out some more. We are obviously fans of the Pixies so it was such an honor. Plus we had total creative freedom so we went to town. As we sketched and looked over pics of them we couldn't help but fall in love with their quirky/down to earth family. We tried to capture the essence of the lovely couple and there 5 awesome kids as best we could. Colin had the brilliant idea of doing a family totem so we found out what their fave animals were. We had a blast and feel so lucky to have been able to do this project.

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